Rise Again


Leo Razo
Villa Roma Argentine-Italian cuisine restaurant & market

“Rise Again with Nour Tarzi” is a web show focused on providing the immigrant entrepreneurs with rescores, tools and success stories to help them jumpstart their businesses and thrive their lives. Moreover, it would showcase the world how immigrants are contributing to the economy. I truly believe that we “millennial generation” is building a new culture and speaking a new language. Rise Again is a show to help develop this new culture.

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From Dishwashing to owning his restaurant, Leo Razo tells his story!

Leo moved to the USA when he was 22 years old, worked at restaurant washing dishes with a goal in mind to open his own restaurants. A few years later with less than $20k, Leo bought his first restaurant! Since his budget was too small, Leo had to remodel the restaurant himself plus fix many construction and plumbing issues.  Every day he came back home with bleeding hands, he would clean his hands, have few hours of sleep and by 6 am be back at his restaurant to continue the work.
Despite all the challenges Leo kept pushing through to show the world what a Mexican guy can achieve in the USA!

Thanks to www.DinaProductions.com for doing the videography.
Music: www.bensound.com

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