“Rise Again with Nour Tarzi” is a web show focused on providing the immigrant entrepreneurs with rescores, tools and success stories to help them jumpstart their businesses and thrive their lives. Moreover, it would showcase the world how immigrants are contributing to the economy. I truly believe that we “millennial generation” is building a new culture and speaking a new language. Rise Again is a show to help develop this new culture.

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How To Find A Virtual Office Or Part Time Office For Your Growing Business.

I started my business from home and as my client base started to grow it was important to have an office with a physical address. Here is how I did it. First, I needed an address to be able to list my business online and submit my information to google since my need was just for an address I signed up for a PO Box. Soon I realized that having a PO Box will not take me far as I grew my business.

Less than a year later, a new opportunity came up with a partner who had an established company and I became their production team. At that point, I made the decision to rent an office, the monthly rent was $500 which I could manage. However, the $500 soon became way more as I needed to pay for the internet at the business rate which is much higher than the residential rate. Adding to that the cost of furniture and office decoration.

Finally, the doors were open, however, I need to be at the office from 8 am to 5 pm, couldn’t go out for sales anymore or networking events. I needed to hire an assistant to stay at the office and answer the phone. The expected cost of $500 soon went up to $1000s plus the fact that we were not in a prestigious building.

Through out the years, I always heard about Regus, they offer furnished office space. Regus has many locations across the world and they are always located in a fancy business building which meant to me they are very expensive. I called them and they turned out to be very reasonably priced. Since then I have been using their services as they offer the best solutions for small businesses. You can choose what best fits your business needs.  Today I have a package that offers 15 hours of private day office hours, which I use to meet clients and record my videos, co-working place where I go and work every day, and the receptionist to answer phone calls and take messages all for $220 in Irvine City.
If you are not sure if Regus is a good solution for you or you have any question I am always available to help!

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