Rise Again


Jim Cooper
CTO of Braid Theory

“Rise Again with Nour Tarzi” is a web show focused on providing the immigrant entrepreneurs with rescores, tools and success stories to help them jumpstart their businesses and thrive their lives. Moreover, it would showcase the world how immigrants are contributing to the economy. I truly believe that we “millennial generation” is building a new culture and speaking a new language. Rise Again is a show to help develop this new culture.

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From Sydney, the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia’s largest cities, to Los Angelis California!

Jim Cooper is the CTO of Braid Theory, a technology business incubator.
If you are like me wondering what is a business incubator, it’s “a company that helps new and start-up companies grow by providing services such as management training and office space.

23 years ago, Jim moved to California, aiming to live in the town of Hollywood and Disneyland. Soon he realized that the USA is nothing like the movies he saw at the theater and had to adjust to the new culture. He describes his first year as “horrible,” the food tasted different, no free health insurance, and no more free education!

As years passed by Jim found what he calls “the comfortable balance” that allowed him to keep his Australian culture and blend into the American culture as well.

The biggest take-away on the social side as an immigrant is to understand that it’s your responsibility to make new friends, no one will approach you! Keep in mind that you look different because chances are you dress a little differently, you have an accent so you come across as unapproachable. it’s your responsibility to improve your communication skills to be able to make new friends and enjoy the new journey with them.

Jim Cooper does not like to be called an entrepreneur. Instead, he thinks of him self as a smart guy who knows a little bit about business! His entrepreneurial life remind him of John F Kennedy when he said

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard”

One of the services that Jim Cooper is an expert at is market research, which is understanding the market by conducting a detailed research to understand the static, numbers, and determine the customer behavior. It’s crucial for a new business owner to understand the market by answering questions such as who is your competitor, how many products were sold within a specific time frame, did the customer pay cash, or use credit card, did the customer buy the products online or in person. Knowing and understanding your audience will impact your business bottom line.

Jim advises for the immigrant business owner are:

1- Keep a little bit of culture and use it, keep it on display so people start asking questions about it.
2- Always brush your teeth! a big nice smile always has a great impression on people.
3- Sunscreen! don’t forget to put sunscreen, it’s hot in LA.
4- Have lots and lots of business cards and network.

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