Every week I get 10025449657 question about branding and personal branding and how I was able to transform myself and build so much confidence.

In a recent business training group, I meet someone I knew from a few years ago after the meeting was over he stared at me and asked: “Are you, Nour, that I know?” I laughed and said “yes it’s me”

He asked, “ how did that happen?” “you speak with so much confidence, you lead the conversation and you look fabless!”

He asked me to write my story so he can share it with the organization since then I was told that my story was told on all of those business meetings!

Recently I joined the National Association of Women Business Owners, from the first day I was asked to be on the board of directors! The member asked me 145875 times how did you become the VP of marketing and technology so fast!

Moreover, I joined Toastmaster Club and two-month later I was asked to be the president! 1457928 questions flow to me, how did you do it so fast!

Now, to make this as awesome as possible, I would love to hear what your burning questions are via the form below so I can make sure they are answered.