Companies that do branding well understand cultures in a deep and meaningful way. In fact, branding and culture are two very similar things, so it is not surprising that there is such a huge crossover.

A good example is the entertainment company Disney. Every Mickey Mouse cup on the breakfast tables of millions of homes around the world helps to build their brand, as do all those t-shirts featuring Disney characters, or Disney princess-themed birthday parties. 

Not everyone can do what Disney does, of course. While you might not be able to get people to throw a birthday party themed on your brand, you can still learn from some of the things that these branding masters do.

Here are some ideas:

1. Food culture – food is an essential part of life whereby people come together to converse, laugh, cook, and eat together. Even non-food brands such as Disney are able to tap into this to build their brand. Can you do something similar?

2. Fashion – brands that recognize the importance of fashion can be very successful. Apple is a great example. It is a tech brand that produces highly fashionable products. Can you learn from this? 

3. Communication – with social media and the internet, brands are able to get involved in conversations with customers like never before, allowing you to shape your story and build your brand. It is also about clearly explaining your values and message. Disney can be used as an example again. It wants guests to have a magical experience when they visit, so all of its messages are based on that theme of magic. It doesn’t wait for the customer to figure it out. Instead, all of its messages stimulate the senses and clearly establish the idea of magic in its customer’s minds.

4. What we believe – what things are important to your customers, and how do they perceive their place in the world? Brands such as Coca-Cola are good at resonating with their audience, and creating the perception that they fit in with the country’s culture.

5. Daily routines – most people’s lives are filled with the hustle and bustle of daily life. Can your brand become part of any of those routines? Facebook has been able to do this exceptionally well, with users checking their timelines on the bus to work, checking-in to a restaurant with friends, and sharing a video of their children.

6. Appearance – the way we look is incredibly important, but it is something that goes much deeper than the clothes we wear. Can you make your brand part of the fitness-obsessed and health-conscious generation?